Dr. Praveen Mehta


With 40 years of dental knowledge and experience under his belt, Dr Mehta can confidently handle most of your dental needs.  He supplements his dental expertise with his vast knowledge of alternative/natural treatments. Dr Mehta is conservative and is a strong believer in treating the body holistically, not just your individual tooth.  With an emphasis on discovering the root cause of the problem, he is able to focus on preventing future issues. He is gentle, compassionate and has mastered the art of painless dentistry.

Dr Mehta graduated from NYU Dental School in 1981.  He has been practicing in Bay Ridge since that time.  His office is state of the art and prides itself on its loyal patients who travel from all over the tristate area to come see him for treatment.  His practice has expanded through word of mouth alone.    

Outside of the office, Dr Mehta pursues his several hobbies such as wood-working, gardening, chess, traveling and finds time to spend quality time with his family. 

(212) 674-1588

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