Keeping your teeth clean isn’t just a piece of your normal cleanliness routine yet additionally adds to your physical appearance. A white grin certainly adds to the appeal. In this way, while you’ve been brushing and flossing day by day, you may have not realized that specific foods and beverages can tint and stain your magnificent whites. In the event that you have been seeing a few stains on your teeth of late, time to curtail certain foods.East Village Dentist 10009

1. Coffee

Sorry, caffeine lovers but your daily cup of coffee may not be good for your teeth. Coffee contains tannins, a type of acidic polyphenols, that can cause discoloration. Pigments from dark colored drinks such as tea, coffee or soda may also get stuck in the ridges and cracks of your tooth enamel leading to yellowish stains if not cleaned properly.East Village Dentist 10009

2. Citrus and Acidic Fruits

Do you notice a yellowish tinge over your teeth? It is possibly because of the high intake of citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges and tomatoes Even though these are packed with Vitamin C and other nutrients, they tend to erode the delicate enamel revealing the slightly yellow-colored dentin which is a type of tissue found beneath the enamel.

3. Berries

Dark and bright colored fruits and berries such as blackberries, cherries and blueberries and even fruits like pomegranate are full of antioxidants but they have the potential to stain your teeth. You may have noticed that these bright colored berries can easily stain your clothes. They contain pigments that can stain your teeth and are difficult to remove.East Village Dentist 10009

4. Wine

Sipping both red wine and white wine may make your white teeth look dull. While red wine contains tannins that can stain your teeth, white whine is known to make tooth stains darker as it is acidic in nature and creates small pockets on the surface of the teeth where food remnants may get collected and cause discoloration.

5. Balsamic Vinegar and other fermented sauces

Balsamic vinegar makes for a great light dressing for a salad and soy sauce is our favorite accompaniment with a hot bowl of soup, but both these sauces may lead to discolored teeth. Their natural dark color can stain your teeth and their texture makes it easy for them to stick to the surface of the teeth if not brushed and cleaned immediately.

You don’t have to stop all these food totally from your daily diet, but you should be careful while having them and make sure you rinse your mouth and try to brush  your teeth after consuming them.

If you are suffering from stained teeth, contact us today or book your appointment now for a check-up and cleaning. 


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