Did you know that teeth whitening is the most commonly requested cosmetic dentistry procedure?


Have you noticed how many people have a bright, white smile? Do you dream about your own dazzling smile? A white smile can make you look younger and improve your self-confidence. Bleaching products have been used for many years and are entirely safe. With in-office and home teeth whitening solutions, cosmetic dentist an make your smile sparkle!

KöR whitening system is a combination home and office teeth-whitening procedure, and it can whiten even tetracycline-stained teeth. Imagine what KöR can do for you! Before your in-office treatment, we will give you bleaching trays to prime your teeth at home. This will prepare your tooth enamel to absorb the bleaching product, which will be applied during your office visit. Your teeth can be shades whiter in just one treatment, although more than one application may be necessary. Periodic maintenance can make your teeth whitening last indefinitely.

If you are considering a KöR whitening treatment, you should have healthy teeth that aren’t as white as you want. Your teeth could be dull from aging, staining drinks and food, tobacco usage, or other factors. KöR systems have been formulated to treat patients who have specific concerns and internal teeth stains that other whitening products can’t correct. KöR may be a good choice if you have fluorosis (stripes or lines on the teeth from excessive fluoride when the teeth were growing), discoloration or stains from aging (also called dark geriatric staining), and discoloration caused by taking a tetracycline medicine when you were young. In your initial consultation, we will evaluate your teeth and help you form your customized KöR whitening program.

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