Revitalize Your Heart by Brushing Twice a Day.

What have brushing and cleaning your teeth to do with your heart? A lot, say health experts, suggesting that taking care of your teeth and gums will not only help keep oral hygiene or make you smile better but also save your heart from various heart diseases. Gum disease can be a reason for heart […]

Is Baking Soda Really Safe to Brush With?

Baking soda or sodium bi-carbonate is a common fixture in every kitchen across the world. Primarily backing soda is used for baking, cooking and cleaning purposes, but it is also used as a popular alternative for brushing your teeth. So much so that multiple toothpaste companies have started including baking soda as one of the […]

Foods That Contribute to a Bright Smile.

A bright and beautiful smile is probably the first thing people notice when they see you and say, “Smile is the language everybody can understand.” But it can be a full downer for yellow or stained teeth. Your clothes may lose their shine over moment, despite frequent washing and flossing. The bacteria in your mouth […]

Foods that Stain Your Teeth

Keeping your teeth clean isn’t just a piece of your normal cleanliness routine yet additionally adds to your physical appearance. A white grin certainly adds to the appeal. In this way, while you’ve been brushing and flossing day by day, you may have not realized that specific foods and beverages can tint and stain your […]
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